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Achieving HAPIness - Part II

Mar 21, 2015

Last time we talked about setting up a basic http server with Hapi. This time we’re going to talk about separating routes from the main file by separating them as plugins.


Achieving HAPIness - Part I

Mar 14, 2015

When I started at my new job I was brought in to work with node.js applications, so my first task was to maintain and upgrade an existing reverse proxy built with hapi framework.

Afterwards my team was put in charge of creating a new project from the ground up. So we chose to create the project from the ground up using hapi and this is some of what I’ve learned so far.


Are we really creating a community?

Mar 31, 2014

As I’ve told you earlier this year, a group for board games was created and I became a part of it. As much as I like the group, the past few weeks I’ve been thinking if the community is really growing. Why? Because we’re like 10-15 people commenting, and posting in the group. Where are the others when we have a 250+ people group?


D&D Miniatures: Where to start?

Feb 3, 2014

As part of my geekolutions I began playing Dungeons & Dragons (which turned 40 this year). When I asked around, I found a group of players who were willing to teach new guys (like me) to play based on the D&D Encounters series. When we began, we were told to grab a mini and I asked about how to get all those minis, they told me Wizards of the Coast USED to sell those in random packs. So if I want minis now, I had to try by other means.